Using Pepper Spray for Self Defense

March 13th, 2013

Anyone who is going to buy pepper spray might be wondering how he or she is going to use it. The best thing about it all is that pepper spray is very easy to use. Even so, practicing and visualizing how pepper spray is used in an emergency is very relevant. Ensure that as you are practicing, you use a substitute object which is of the same size as that of the canister or an actual inert can. The techniques for using pepper spray can be stated down in five steps.

Effects of pepper spray to an attacker

Before proceeding to the steps of how to use pepper spray for self defense, first you should know its effects on the attacker. When pepper spray is sprayed into a person’s face and eyes, the victim gets irritations in the eyes, skin and the upper respiratory tract’s mucous membranes. The individual may experience some choking and coughing together with some pain. The attacker will be very uncomfortable and unable to open their eyes for a time interval of between ten minutes to one hour. It is also recommended for use against attacks form dogs and for controlling wild animals.

Step one: Drawing easily

Ensure that you can easily and quickly draw the spray from where it is kept and also when it is put away, the spot where it is put is secure enough not to let it fall out accidentally. This may require you to try out a number of locations and some practice to make sure that it can be quickly and smoothly drawn. Most of the pepper spray brands are sold with a carrying case, consider making use of it. If it has got a snap release or the other 2-step process to draw, practice on how to do this quickly. But in case you feel threatened, you can release the snap ahead of time.

Step two: Releasing safety

The other thing to put into consideration is the safety. Get to know any safety mechanism that is on the pepper spray. During your practice, mentally note when the safety would be released. This is part of the drawing process and should consist of a smooth motion.

Step three: Aiming and posture

The design of pepper spray is intended to cause irritation on the face above anything else, hence that must be you target. Nonetheless, it should never just be held in front of you. The use of pepper spray should only be part of the whole self defense posture. Put it in mind that your attacker might be grabbing or striking at you during the process of you drawing out the spray. In order to defend from being grabbed, jostled or struck, step back a little bit with your knees bent and feet apart more than the width of the shoulder. When you step back, distance is created thus reducing you profile and making it harder to be hit by the assailant. You should not push your hand which is holding the spray so far such that your arm is extended fully.

Step four: Centering and fanning the spray

One helpful tip for properly aiming the pepper spray is to look at the face of the attacker while bringing it in line with your eyes. They should be moved in one unit. Whenever people get threatened, they usually close their eyes. You should never do this. To account for any movements made by the attacker, poor aim and other factors, fan it back and forth.

Step five: Scream, Fight and escape

Scream and scream throughout the whole incident. One of the catchy statements you can scream is “stop it!” This also requires some practice as in plenty of cases surprise assault may render you speechless. After using the spray to create an opportunity to escape, get away as quickly as possible. Pepper spray works immediately, thus you have to press, hit and run as fast as you can. You need to also be prepared because there is a risk of some of the spray hitting you due to its scattering and the effects due to the wind.

Used For Self Defense

March 12th, 2013

Self defense products refer to anything that can be used for self defense. Since it is a product it means that it is something that you can hold or rather an item that can be changed into something that you can actually use. Self defense product can be a stun gun or pepper spray and many other products that can be used for self defense. Together with your brain, a self defense item is something that you can use to protect yourself with from an attack, a rape, a mugging, or any other type of assault.

Stun Guns
A stun gun is a self defense weapon that is used for direct contact. You will be inflicting pain to a person if you just touch him/her with a stun gun. The enemy or the person attacking you will let you go immediately you stun him/her on the hand that is grabbing you. However, for best results, go for the abdomen, groin, or the neck. Do not worry about getting a shock if in case the attacker touches you or is touching you. That will never happen; the current cannot pass to you. The function of stun gun is to speedily put a stop to violent activity and provide you with a chance to escape.

Stun guns do not just depend on pain for an outcome, but instead the attacker becomes powerless to create energy for his/her muscles, and therefore his/her body becomes unable to work properly. There are also tiny neurological impulses that are interrupted by stun guns. These neurological impulses are used to control the movements of muscles. The attacker also loses his balance when the neurological system becomes overwhelmed by the stun gun effects.

The stun gun works by interrupting the attacker’s signals of communication from his/her brain to the body. It does not permanently harm the person attacking you; it only disrupts the attacker temporarily and affects the normal functioning of his/her body. A stun gun cannot cause any damage in the long run because the electrodes that it delivers to the attacker are of low amperage charge while the voltage is high. This makes the charge to be of low intensity and therefore not enough to cause any long term damage to the attacker.

Therefore, each time you push the stun gun against any person attacking you and shock them, a few things will happen that will make them stunned. The electric shock released combines with the electric signals that come from the brain and this will in turn confuse the body of the attacker and makes it difficult for him/her to move. Stun gun can also cause the person to change attention and start doing nothing actually for a short period of time. This will use the attacker’s energy therefore he/she will be unable to do anything for some time.

Why use a stun gun
Stun gun are easily concealed in your purse, car, and at home.You do not need any training to use a stun gun. Stun guns are easily charged. Some have LED flashlights built in. Stun guns are great to use especially when it comes to women’s protection. Stun guns produce a sound that can deter the attacker before you even use it against him/her.

Pepper Spray
This is a simple irritant which causes your eye to tear and distorts vision temporarily. The spray can easily be carried in a purse or pocket as it comes in a small canister. It can also be found in pens and rings. Pepper spray has an added advantage that it can cause the person attacking you to lose his/her focus before he even reaches you. Pepper spray just causes an irritation; it does not kill, disfigure the assaulter or cause any permanent injury to the attacker. Another advantage of pepper spray is that till treated its effects will still remain. This is a good thing as you will be sure that the attacker will not get up to pursue you, he/she will instead be forced to sit down, blindly, and wait for help to come which in this case is the law enforcement.

Domestic Violence Assault

May 29th, 2012


This is a story about a woman who was kidnapped and sexually assault as a result of a domestic violence situation.

You can read the whole story HERE

For the life of me I can’t figure out why women don’t arm themselves with some self defense products. One of the most effective of them is a stun gun and one of the most effective stun guns is called the “hot shot” stun gun. It has a long track record of being a great Female Defense Product.

It is one of the smallest stun devices there is yet it produces an amazing 4.5 million volts of power that can disable an assailant for 5-10 minutes allowing you time to get away and get help or just escape. The electrical shock disorients an assailant and immobilizes him by depleting all blood sugars needed for energy.

Enrollment Down-Assault Report To Blame

May 25th, 2012

Here’s a story about how campus officials at the University of Missouri are concerned about enrollment figures being down significantly due to a recent report on sexual assaults on campus. Parents are justifiably concerned about how their young daughters are going to be protected while on a University campus.

You can read the whole story HERE.

Campus safety is a big concern that every University has. the fact of the matter is there isn’t much they can do about perverts who are attracted to young coeds on campus that they aren’t already doing. It just doesn’t seem to be enough.

What parents and young women need to realize is that the responsibility lies largely with them. They should get some good Self Defense Tools like a pepper spray or a stun gun to help defend themselves and keep their own personal security and personal safety a priority.

Pepper Spray-Self Defense Choices

Family Dogs Attack Man And Woman-How To Defend Yourself

May 24th, 2012

Mace Pepper Gun

This is a story about a man and woman who were attacked inside their own home by the two family dogs. The dogs were in a fight with each other when the man tried to intervene. The dogs turned on him and attacked and then attacked the woman. It got so bad that they had to get police, emergency responders, firefighters and others to the house to rescue the man and woman from the dogs.

You can read the rest of the story HERE.

The story is vaguely reminiscent of an incident that happened to me personally close to 40 years ago when I intervened with two family dogs got into a fight. It cost me 80 stitches that time and a trip to the hospital. I have not had a dog since and never will.

If you ever get into a situation where you are about to be attacked by a dog one of the best defenses you can get in my opinion is the Mace Pepper Gun.

Shelters Out Of Room

May 23rd, 2012


This is a story about domestic violence shelters in Pittsburgh that have waiting lists because there’s not enough room to take in new clients.

You can read the whole story HERE

The article goes on to say that “Domestic violence is the most frequent crime in the country, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Western Pennsylvania District.

About 56 percent of 700 law enforcement agencies reported last week that the poor economy is fueling an increase in domestic conflict, up from 40 percent of agencies in a similar survey in 2010, according to the Police Executive Research Forum.”

One of the best ways women can defend themselves in a domestic violence assault is with a self defense product. Pepper spray or the Hot Shot Stun Gun are both good choices. All self defense products are meant to disable any assailant for short period of time, allowing you to get away and get help.

Domestic Violence Levels Up

May 22nd, 2012

Street Safe

Here’s a story about how domestic violence is on the rise since the start of the recession. A survey was sent out to over 700 police agencies nationwide and 56% of them reported that domestic violence has increased. In some areas the domestic violence numbers haven’t increased but respondents said that the level of the violence has gotten worse.

You can read the whole story HERE.

There a lot of things that women can do to protect themselves including taking a self-defense course and getting some self defense weapons.

The self-defense training DVDStreet Safe is a great way to learn the basics of self defense. It is based on the martial arts Jeet Kune Do-“a style without a style.”

Learn from one of the premier instructors in the world in your own home.

Dog Attack Week

May 21st, 2012

Dog Chaser

This week is dog attack prevention week. Here is an article about dog attacks specifically on postal carriers. It has information on which cities were the worst offenders in terms of dog attacks on letter carriers in 2011. It also has information on why spring and summer are the worst times for dog attacks.

You can read the whole story HERE.

It also mentions that if your dog attacks a letter carrier the Postal Service may bite back by taking a hefty fine out of your wallet.

There are several things you can do to prevent dog attacks and dog bites when you’re out and about this spring and summer or any time year for that matter.

One of the best things you can do is carry the Dog Chaser. It emits an ultrasonic sound that chases dogs away.

Another good defense against dog attacks is a specially formulated dog pepper spray. Both of these products are very effective against dog attacks.

Assault In Home Invasion

May 18th, 2012


This is a story about a 46-year-old woman who was assaulted in her own home after someone broke in through the door. Someone had been knocking on her door and when she went to open it she had a metal curtain rod in her hand but the man brushed by her and then assaulted her.

You can read the rest of the story HERE.

This happened at 130 in the morning. Why would someone open the door (even with acurtain rod in your hand) at 130 in the morning when you don’t know who it is? DUH!!

I do you feel sorry for the lady. The moral of the story is don’t open your door unless you know who is there. Use your peephole; if you don’t have a peephole-get one.

And then if someone does get in make sure you have some self defense products around the house that are easily available-maybe in two or three places. A pepper spray here, a baton over there, and it wouldn’t hurt to have a Hot Shot Stun Gun either.

Home Invaders Caught

May 17th, 2012

tripack sprays

This is a story about how three men committed a home invasion on a house in Oregon. You’ll see from the pictures that these guys are pretty creepy looking. One of them decided to barricade himself inside the house, which forced police to bring out SWAT team, forcing a three-hour standoff.

You can read the whole story HERE.

Home invasion is much more dangerous than home burglary because by definition the occupants of the home are there when the invasion takes place. In this case the homeowner was assaulted and robbed. Usually there is more to the story than meets the eye. It is unclear at this time if that is the case here.

One of the best ways that you can prevent home invasion is to never let anybody into your front door you don’t know. Always use your peephole. If you don’t have one you should get one.

Then always have some self defense products around the house in case someone does get in.

The Pepper ShotTRI-PACK has a spray that can be mounted by your front door for easy access.