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How The Nap Alarm Prevents Highway Accidents

An alarming statistic recently revealed is that there has been a 25% increase of highway accidents caused by people falling asleep while driving. A survey held by the National Sleep Foundation shows that 37% of drivers have admitted to driving when drowsy, or DWD. This is really scary and if we think about it, it’s something that a lot of us have done!

Diabetics and those who suffer from sleep apnea are especially subject to traffic accidents due to falling asleep at the wheel.

The long drive home after pulling a late one in the office; night shift workers and most terrifying of all, cab drivers, are all susceptible to driving while drowsy. You don’t need me to spell out the possible consequences.

Maurice didn’t work in any of these industries, but he was at risk just the same as he was a truck driver. He drove the length and breadth of the country delivering his ware, and often kept going when he knew he should stop just to spend a few precious hours with his family.

When he first noticed the device behind his colleagues ear he though it was a hearing aid. When he asked him about it, the guy told Maurice that it was a nap alarm. You wore it while driving and if your head started to nod as it always does when you start and drop off; the motion activated an alarm in your ear which woke you up instantly. He told Maurice which website to get it from and advised him to get one, which he did.

Several months later Maurice had had a particularly gruelling day and was on the way home. He was on a lonely stretch of road with little lighting. He could feel himself getting tired, but the thought of his wife waiting in bed for him kept him going.

Suddenly the Nap Alarm sounded in his ear and he jumped and slammed on the brakes, he had started to nod off and as heading straight for a ditch. Maurice took a few moments to compose himself. If he had crashed on this quiet road who knows what would have happened and how long it would have taken anyone to find him. He made a promise to himself to take that buddy out for a drink!

Be proactive and get a nap alarm for your and your passengers and others that share the road with you.

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