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Self Defense Product For Women-Their Favorite Is The Mace Pepper Gun

One of the things that I’ve noticed in the four years that I’ve been selling self defense products is that women seem to have this feeling that an assault, robbery, rape or any other crime always happen to the other guy and not to them. I’m not sure why that is because women are targets of violence in nine out of ten cases.

So it is no surprise that companies are designing nonlethal self defense products specifically for women these days. Those products provide an alternative to deadly force and are experiencing great popularity mostly because these products are so effective in providing a way to defend yourself.

Self defense products are only meant to give you time to get away from a dangerous situation and seek help. Nothing else!

Pepper spray has been around for thousands a years but the Mace pepper gun has only been around for a few years. It has rapidly become the favorite self defense product for women.

It comes in four designer colors-one of them pink-and shoots out seven 25 foot sprays of a full 10 percent solution of oleoresin capsicum or OC which is derived from cayenne pepper.

A shot in the face of OC and the bad guy will experience extreme pain, shortness of breath, choking coughing and oh yeah his eyes will tear up so badly they may shut so he can’t see. These nasty consequences last “only” fifteen to forty five minutes and then go away.

If you are reading this article you probably consider your self at risk of some kind of crime like domestic violence, assault or even rape. Take the next step and be proactive to defend yourself with the favorite self defense product for women.

When are you getting one?

A 10 percent solution of OC spray is illegal in some jurisdictions. So check the internet or your local sheriff’s department first before getting some.

Get a FREE 25 page e Book on ‘Making Your Home Secure’ and save 10% off the purchase price.

The Mace Pepper Gun can protect you in any self defense situation.

The Great Pretender Stun Gun

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