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Self Defense Products-Two Nurse Favorites

I was very surprised to find out the risk that nurses take every day in their workplace. A professional organization on healthcare security and safety reports that approximately two thirds of all hospitals are in areas that are average or above average crime rates. And because staffing levels are low increased stress is placed on the professional staff.

There is rampant drug and alcohol abuse. Assaults, stabbings, shootings and beatings are on the increase inside the facilities. OHSA reports showed that nearly two thirds of all workplace violence incidents happen in healthcare settings and that nearly 50% of all nursing staff is affected by violence in the workplace.

Many hospitals are starting to increase security with professional security guards, security equipment. They are encouraging nurses to take self-defense classes. Our local hospitals in Colorado Springs are encouraging nurses to carry self defense products like stun guns according to a friend in the business.

That is a great solution for inside the hospital but they face dangers outside the hospital because of their physical location. Many healthcare workers work late shifts and are faced with darkened stairwells and darkened parking lots walking to and from their cars. These are all high risk crime areas.

The favorite self defense product for nurses is something that they can carry in their purse. It is small and effective. The pretender stun gun is 4.5 million volts that will flatten any assailant. A three to five second application to an assailant will cause the body to overwork depleting it of blood sugars needed for energy.

The Mace pepper gun is something that can be used outside of the hospital. It has seven 25 foot shots of a 10 percent solution of OC spray better known as oleoresin capsicum. The main ingredient causes severe tearing of the eyes to the point where they may shut, coughing, choking, shortness of breath, and intense pain for anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes.

These effects are not long-lasting. When are you getting some?

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“” Mace Pepper Gun

“” Pretender Stun Gun

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