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Pepper Spray Products-Why Working Women Need Them

by Jack Krohn

Pepper sprays are one of a group of products called self defense products or personal protection products. Others in that group are stun guns, tasers and personal alarms. The whole purpose of these products is to give you time to get away from a potentially dangerous situation to seek assistance. They all do that in a variety of ways.

Pepper spray products are the most widely used self defense products in the world. They are on average 86 percent effective. They use oleoresin capsicum, or OC as is called, as a main ingredient. This is a derivative of the hottest pepper in the world cayenne pepper. A spray in the face of OC spray will cause intense pain, shortness of breath, coughing, sneezing, and tearing of the eyes so bad that in some cases it causes the eyes to close. It is truly very nasty stuff.

There isn’t a police officer in the country that doesn’t carry some pepper spray product on his utility belt. Postal carriers all across the country carry pepper spray as self defense against dog attacks. To me those are pretty strong endorsements as to how effective they are.

Working women in particular need pepper spray products. Why?

First, women are the preferred victims in assaults, domestic violence, robberies, rapes, even home invasions by 9 to 1 margin over men. They are decidedly the weaker the sexes.

Second working women in particular who travel and are much more active are more vulnerable to assaults need some pepper spray products for self defense.

Third, they are easy to use, easy to carry, small enough to conceal and generally very inexpensive.

When it comes to protecting yourself theMace Pepper Gun is the way to go. It is the best value in a self defense product under $300.00.
When are you getting one?

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