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Self Defense Tips For Seniors

Burglars, scam artists and petty thieves see seniors as “targets of opportunity” especially older women. If seniors understand that they can take some steps to level the playing field. Here are some steps they can take. They are the best senior self defense tips- the top 10.

1. Carry yourself confidently-don’t be a target.

2. Always be alert and always be prepared-people who are distracted make for easy targets. The bad guys use surprise and deception as part of their game plan.

3. Don’t go alone-whenever you are out always try and have someone with you. If you are alone when shopping at for an escort to your car.

4. Run your errands in the daytime-the bad guys do most of their criminal activity at night. That is just a fact.

5. Learn some basic self-defense techniques. You don’t have to become an expert but if you just learn one or two simple techniques it could save your life.

6. Carry some self defense products such as a stun gun, Pepper Spray or a personal alarm. I actually recommend that you carry a personal alarm and a stun gun or a pepper spray.

7. Make lots of noise-if you are attacked noise draws attention to your situation. This is where your personal alarm can come in handy.

8. Don’t be bashful-if you are attacked know where to hit the assailant. Gouge his eyes, kick him in his private parts, a fist to his ear or over the bridge of his nose will certainly slow him down.

9. No stun gun? No problem-use whatever you have available as a weapon. Your purse, your cane, your keys, a ball point pen or hairspray in the face all make good weapons.

10. Fight fight fight-your life may be in the balance. The bad guys are not expecting any resistance. The more vigorously you fight back, the better your chances.

Follow these senior self defense tips and you will make yourself and your friends safer.

Remember too that all self defense products are meant to give you time to get away from a dangerous situation-nothing more. They are perfect for women and seniors.

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